Almaty City Tour

Tour duration: 3 hours
Tour distance by car: 50 km

Tour Program

central city park named after the 28 heroes Russian orthodox cathedral of the Holy Ascension of Christ (entirely wooden, built without any metal nails and also the oldest building of the city) Presidential alley memorial complex devoted to the World War Two eternal flame folk musical instruments museum Green bazaar (place for buying souvenirs) central Moslem mosque Kazakhstan hotel (main business card and one of the tallest buildings of the city) republic palace Independence square obelisk devoted to the independence
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Price US$ 120.00 per person minimum 2 people required.

Almaty city tour price includes:

1. Car, minivan or bus rental
2. Service of a chauffeur
3. Service of a guide (English, Russian)
4. Taxes

More about Almaty

Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan with a population of 1,5 million citizens.
Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan since 1929 up to 1997. Despite losing its capital status, Almaty city still remains the main business, tourist, scientifical and entertainment center not just of Kazakhstan but of the whole Central Asian region.

The name of Almaty city consists of two words, the first is Alma meaning an Apple and the second one is Aty meaning a Father. Thus, the name of the city can be translated as the Father of the Apple. But the citizens who live here are used to call it as just the City of Apples or the City of Orchards and that is all true due to the emerald Tien-Shan mountains which surround the city. It is known that New York City is the US business capital and it is also very well known all over the world as the Big Apple and Almaty (also being the business capital) is also really the Big Apple of Kazakhstan. So, you are always welcome to visit and enjoy Almaty !

Almaty city private tour rates 2015
(All prices are total per all and not per person)

1-2 persons tour price - 220 $ USD
3-17 persons tour price - 310 $ USD
18-24 persons tour price - 375 $ USD
25-50 persons tour price - 490 $ USD